New Cataract Assessment Checklist for Ophthalmic Nurses

The Cataract Assessment Course for Ophthalmic Nurses has been launched for almost a year now. I was delighted to have been supported in the development of the Cataract Assessment Booklet by Scope Ophthalmics. In an extension to that work we have developed a downloadable PDF checklist to help nurses working in these clinics. The complete assessment […]

New CET Hub Area Up and Running!

I’m delighted to announce that the new Online CET Hub on the Optometry-Evolution Website is now up and running! I have been involved in writing and delivering CET for about 10 years now, so this is something I was keen to add to the Optometry-Evolution website. My interest and background is largely in ocular conditions […]

IOP Measurement in Patients on Steroid Treatments

As optometrists we are very familiar with the uses and benefits of topical steroids in a whole variety of situations in order to reduce inflammation. Systemically they are also used in such a wide range conditions, delivered by a variety of different modes.  We also realise that the term ‘double-edged’ sword can be applied to […]

Glaucoma Detection – Free PDF Download

The majority of glaucoma detected nowadays is of the ‘Primary Open Angle’ group or ‘Normal Tension’ group of patients. Most of these are detected through routine eye examinations at community optometry, and then referred to a glaucoma clinic for diagnosis and treatment. There are a few key situations and conditions there is a little bit […]