Optometry Evolution is proud to have be associated with the following companies and websites.

Provider of innovative software and networking solutions for Optometry, GP and hospital clinics.

eye-drops-database-logo-2016  – a great resource for practitioners and patents alike, covering a wide variety of information and services. A particularly good resource for dry eye services. The Eyedrops Database


Progressive producer of innovative products for patients suffering from Blepharitis and Dry Eye. The Eye Bag itself has really changed how we manage a lot of these patients who suffer from chronic symptoms. This is really worth a look!

Optic – great website exploring the skill of optic nerve head examination with loads of images covering the different disc configurations and great line tutorial material to help with this clinical skill.

optoinfo-logo-1000px  A small independent marketing agency based in specialising in using online tools and social media to promote business, with an optometry background. A lot of innovative and fresh ideas! Optoinfo

soc_map-2 Scottish Optical Conference  Large Optical conference held every November in Glasgow, featuring a wide range of clinical, business and technology learning opportunities, as well as a chance to network. Great value conference with loads of CET on offer!

visionaind-logo-w200-email   Vision Aid Technologies UK. A small specialist company supplying high quality electronic visual aid equipment for clients with visual impairment.

optelec logo Supplier of a wide range of high quality magnifying and electronic equipment for patient with visual impairment.