New Cataract Assessment Checklist for Ophthalmic Nurses

The Cataract Assessment Course for Ophthalmic Nurses has been launched for almost a year now. I was delighted to have been supported in the development of the Cataract Assessment Booklet by Scope Ophthalmics. In an extension to that work we have developed a downloadable PDF checklist to help nurses working in these clinics. The complete assessment […]

Cataract Assessment Booklet Now Launched!

Assessing patients with cataract is something that almost every Eyecare professional is involved in to some degree due to the volume of patients requiring treatment for this condition. Community optometrists are on the front line of detecting and referring patients with cataract while clinicians in the hospital service and other cataract surgery providers are involved in the assessment […]

The ‘Optical Assistant’ Now Launched!

I am delighted to share the launch of a fully interactive online learning resource for Optical Assistants. This has been a collaborative project over the past couple of years with the team at to develop this great new resource for optometry practice. There are many roles and responsibilities for optical assistants in optometry practice, a […]

New CET Hub Area Up and Running!

I’m delighted to announce that the new Online CET Hub on the Optometry-Evolution Website is now up and running! I have been involved in writing and delivering CET for about 10 years now, so this is something I was keen to add to the Optometry-Evolution website. My interest and background is largely in ocular conditions […]

Emergency Eye Resource Pack – Video

Delighted to present this short video which summarizes the key components of the Eye Emergency Resource Packs. If you would like to find out more about these packs, please visit the Resource page of the site, or to order these for your practice please visit the shop area. Please share with colleagues if you find […]

It’s All About The Blood!

In optometry practice we are quite regularly involved in dealing with eye conditions that have wider underlying systemic associations. We are very good at recognising these conditions and signposting patients either to ophthalmology or their GP, depending on the situation, for blood tests and cardio-vascular risk factors to be investigated, so I thought it might […]