New Cataract Assessment Checklist for Ophthalmic Nurses

The Cataract Assessment Course for Ophthalmic Nurses has been launched for almost a year now. I was delighted to have been supported in the development of the Cataract Assessment Booklet by Scope Ophthalmics. In an extension to that work we have developed a downloadable PDF checklist to helpĀ nurses working in these clinics.

The complete assessment of the cataract patient covers a lot of ground in terms of the patient’s general health checks, ocular findings and biometry assessment. For ophthalmic nurses learning these skills in order to help deliver cataract assessment clinics there is a lot to remember. In collaboration with Scope Ophthalmics we have developed the PDF checklist below which can be freely downloaded.

The second more simplified version has been designed to be used in clinic and may be printed out to use as a reminder when getting up and running with cataract assessments. Just click on the link below to access this PDF.

I really hope this is a useful resource. If any of your teams would be keen to join the full Cataract Assessment Training, please email .

Cataract Assessment Checklist

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