The Eye Triage Guide Launched!

After 8 months in the making, the Eye Triage Guide is now completed and proving popular

The Eye Triage Guide is a 32-page A4 booklet produced to help anyone working in an eye-care setting with triaging acute, urgent cases. It is useful for anyone working in optometry practice, ophthalmology clinics, GP surgeries and A&E, who is involved in triage of patients with potentially serious eye conditions.






Accurate triage is crucial to the effective delivery of care in any of these settings, where there ideal situation is being able to get patients with serious conditions seen promptly and avoiding your service being slowed down by cases which don’t carry the same degree of urgency. Getting the patient treated and maximising their chances of a good clinical outcome is always at the heart of this process. The COVID era has also highlighted the importance of only bringing patients into an Eyecare setting when really necessary, so clear information gathering at the triage stage is crucial.

This guide sets out to give a clear review of the following:

  • Key principles of triage
  • How to gain a clear history and symptoms
  • Overview of the most common urgent and emergency conditions, and their red flags
  • How to communicate effectively when triaging

The booklet is a very useful quick reference for when you are involved in training patients, but also in training activities on this area. In conjunction with the guide, I have developed an online course for Ophthalmic Nurses on this topic, am teaching at Optometry events on triage and have been asked to deliver webinars to dispensing opticians.

If you would like to order this guide for your practice or clinic, please see the shop area of the website, or if you would like some training on the topic of triage for your team, please just email.

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