Glaucoma Detection – Free PDF Download

The majority of glaucoma detected nowadays is of the ‘Primary Open Angle’ group or ‘Normal Tension’ group of patients. Most of these are detected through routine eye examinations at community optometry, and then referred to a glaucoma clinic for diagnosis and treatment.

There are a few key situations and conditions there is a little bit more to the cause of the glaucoma, such as a secondary factor, or narrow/closed angle disease.

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Glaucoma detection PDF – Click on this link to download

I have created this free PDF download as a reminder of the key situations as to when we should suspect other potential causes of glaucoma. This is clinically important as it affects the urgency of referral and the eventual management of that glaucoma case.

It is not designed to be exhaustive, but to act as a reminder of these key situations and to aid clinical detection in the most common of these other causes of glaucoma.

I hope this is useful.

Thanks for reading- Stan

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