Sudden Loss of Vision

I am delighted to present this article on the really important topic of ‘Sudden Vision Loss’ on the Optometry-Evolution website. This has been brought to you with the very kind support of ‘Optelec.’ This is the first ever guest-written article on the site and has been authored by colleague of mine Dr David Roberts, who […]

Emergency Care in UK Optometry

The last 10-15years have seen really big steps forward for the optometry profession in terms of our role in detecting and treating ocular pathology. I think it is safe to say that the days of arbitrarily detecting an abnormality and being obliged to refer it for diagnosis are well behind us. The level of diagnostic […]

What makes a good referral?

The art of writing a good referral letter can be a bit of a mine-field. As clinicians we all take pride in our work and when we are referring to another professional, usually an ophthalmologist we want to convey a sense of good clinical acumen and professionalism, and ultimately feel part of a respectful working […]

Could Alexa Help Patients with their Eyedrops?

In an age where we are increasingly surrounded by smart technology it is often difficult to keep up with all their uses and applications. I have to thank the son of a patient I saw recently who pointed out a simple yet potentially really beneficial use of the latest gadgets appearing in our homes – […]

IOP Measurement in Patients on Steroid Treatments

As optometrists we are very familiar with the uses and benefits of topical steroids in a whole variety of situations in order to reduce inflammation. Systemically they are also used in such a wide range conditions, delivered by a variety of different modes.  We also realise that the term ‘double-edged’ sword can be applied to […]

Positive Launch of Emergency Eye Resource Pack

The end of April saw the launch of the Eye Emergency Resource Pack to the profession after months of development and production. This has been a really enjoyable process developing the content for these packs and watching the design come together with a lot of help from ‘Jamfrog Design’ near Inverness. The initial response from […]