Cataract Assessment Guide




Cataract assessment is a crucial step of the patient journey when they have been referred for consideration of cataract surgery. Accurate and concise pre-assessment aims to make cataract surgery as safe as possible by identifying any risk factors for complications and to make outcomes as accurate as possible by gaining the correct refractive and biometric information.

The majority of assessments are performed in a multi-disciplinary approach with nurses combining with doctors or hospital optometrists. This guide will therefore be useful to any of these groups involved in delivering cataract assessments. It will also be useful for community optometrists as the examination and discussion they undertake with the patient at the time of referral largely mirrors that undertaken in the hospital clinic.

This 40 page booklet covers the following areas of cataract assessment:

  • Cataract referral and vetting
  • The nurse assessment, including biometry
  • The doctor or optometrist assessment including the clinical examination
  • Clinical decision making and consent
  • Possible complications of surgery

This booklet accompanies the Cataract Assessment Training course delivered by Optometry-Evolution but can also be ordered as a stand alone resource.


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