Ever Play Golf in the Dark?

The essential value of gaining feedback as optometrists In this first, of what may turn out to a regular blog post on this site, I want to briefly explore the importance of gaining feedback on our performance as clinicians. I have recently been reading a great book by Matthew Syed called ‘Black Box Thinking.’ It […]

Larger Orders of the Eye Safety Card

Please get in touch if you are interested in ordering a larger number of cards for: Multiple practices and chains Area optical committees Company staff training purposes Educational organisations I can give an individual quotes for larger orders, depending on numbers and postage. Email me at stanleykeys1@icloud.com  Thank you Stan

Eye safety card launched

After spending quite a few months developing the Eye Safety Card, it’s great to finally have a batch printed and ready to distribute. Thanks to the College of Optometrists who publicised this in their e-newsletter this week. That has certainly helped in starting to make people aware of it and generating interest. If things go […]

Eye Safety Card

I am delighted to introduce the Eye Safety Card which is something I have been developing this year. The Eye Safety Card is designed to help non-professional members of your optometry practice team to help identify patients who may have a serious eye condition as they present to the practice. Often the first person a […]